Design on a Whim

A Personalized Graphic Community!

Design on a Whim. A personalized graphic community
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The most awesome Personal Graphic community ever!

Welcome to Design on a Whim, where i am here to help you with your personal graphic needs!
This is a family orientated community, where photos of yourself, your children, and even your dog can be created into one of my unique graphics!

Please note that this community is for MEMBERS ONLY.
I screen journals upon joining to make sure trolls and icon stalkers keep out, for your protection.

  • Fill out New Member form. (*Coming soon!)
  • Credit is always a must.
  • Comment upon pick-up
  • Manners are always nice.
  • Drama does not belong here.
  • Do not take a graphic that is not yours.
  • Enjoy!

I will create a few OFFERS every week or so where i provide on a first come, first serve basis. Please follow all instructions within the offer to make it easier on us all! Dont be a graphic hog! I hold the right to turn you down to be fair to others!

If you have a more PERSONAL REQUEST,
please visit and read my request page thoroughly and fill out the information provided!